Host a Party and let guests choose what songs to play on Spotify. No more huddling in front of one computer or messing up the queue! What if they're all drunk? Don't worry, We'll fill it up for ya!

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Spartify was developed at the Music Hack Day Boston '11 by Andreas Blixt and Ricardo Vice Santos.

The idea of Spartify came from the way people tend to fight over who gets to choose the next song in front of the computer when using Spotify at a party. Or even worse: when someone just puts on a song that they want to listen to in the middle of an already playing song!

Spartify intends to fix this by letting anyone with a smart phone go to and enter the "party code", and then vote up the song(s) they want to hear next.

For updates you can follow @Spartify on Twitter.

By Andreas Blixt and Ricardo Vice Santos for Music Hack Day Boston '11.

Follow @Spartify for updates, or read more about Spartify here.

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